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Thanks to all of you, we have been voted the number one fishing charter in the Milwaukee area! We would like to thank all who voted for us in WISN news channel 12's annual Best of Milwaukee contest. We are very humbled by this honor and look forward to fishing with each and everyone of you!

Captain Josh

Great 2011 Fishing, Check out Facebook For Most Up To Date Reports

The 2011 fishing season has been awesome so far! Lots of great days fishing with some incredible catches. We have had the opportunity to fish from Milwaukee all the way down to nearly Chicago and the best fishing has consistantly been right here out of Racine!

Being fishing all the time is great, but one down side is we do not have the time or ability to be consistantly updating our website like we had hoped. For the most upto date reports please check out our Facebook page. We are able to update the Facebook page very frequently right on the water and add pictures instantly. We will continue to update our main webpage and hopefully add 2011 photos soon when we get a break from fishing!


Captain Josh

Morris Invitational in Winthrop Harbor, IL

Lots of fishing last weekend and lots of water covered pre-fishing for the Morris Invitational out of Winthrop Harbor, IL.

Weds we fished Racine and had a huge number of cohos plus good numbers of the other species needed in this contest. Fished the edge of the hill alittle south of town 100-150 fow. Wire divers near the bottom with Spin Doctors and Mirage flies and good action on the surface with stingers.

Thursday we figured we needed a second and third spot so we fished different waters. Fished off Kenosha, then off Waukegan, and finally all the way south to the R4 reef. Never thought I would see the Sears Tower from my boat! We had decent coho action nearly everywhere we fished with the exception of Chicago. Fun to catch fish, but not what we were looking for.

Friday we definitely knew that fishing Racine was our best option for the contest. Started out great with some really nice fish. Three species and all good size fish. Unfortunately we could only pull 11 fish out of our spot. Others in the area were throwing fish back but it just wasn't for us. Good weight for our 11 fish but you need the points of all 15. Ended the day in 22nd out of 30 boats.

Saturday we decided we were too far gone to make a run at the top so we decided to stay close to Winthrop and just try to find three big fish for their 333 contest. Ended up finding a sweet spot straight off Winthrop in 222-240 fow. Completely different lake than what we had been fishing. Found four species plus really decent size fish. Good action on boards on top with stingers. NBK UV Super Slim on a downrigger 69. And the stud was the new 11'' UV ''Blood Run Edition'' Dreamweaver Paddle down 230 on a rigger. This thing took many fish including our biggest king and a nice trout with literally minutes left to fish for our 15th fish. Our offshore catch of 83lbs brought us from 22nd up to an 11th place finish. One fish, 20 points, out of the money and four cohos friday out of second! We also caught the largest steelhead on saturday but it was not weighed in on the proper scale. Alittle surprised when they called someone else with a smaller fish. Completely our fault! Awesome contest! anyone ever considering it should definitely give it a shot next year. We may not have won but we came down with some good Racine mojo. First and third were Racine boats, congrats to Hawg Gone and Stormtrooper, with Fuzzy Bear taking second. Many other Racine and Milwaukee boats finishing out the top 15.

Captain Josh

Fishing 6-4-11

Haven't posted a report in a few days but fishing has continued to be great. Now's the time to go fishing if you have been putting it off! Started in 70+/- fow with good salmon action. Worked out over the hill for some trout but couldn't keep the salmon off. Blood Run wire divers out 125 and 169 were impossible to keep in the water. UV Dreamcatcher, Green Dot, "Wrapped" Laser Light Saver Spin Doctors. UV Tarheel Strong fly, Mirage Fly, Green Crinkle Action Fly and Big Weenie Poofster number ones. Not a great spoon bite but Dramweaver Hot Michigan Dolphin and UV NBK were good. And of course, Blood Run fluorocarbon on the end of everything!

Captain Josh

May 23 and 24

Fishing is still great out of Racine. Limits of cohos with some kings mixed in are being caught right in front of the harbor. Best fishing has been early in the morning with it slowing up later in the day. Blue and green peanut flies behind 6 inch and 9 inch Alderton Flashers on ski boards, downriggers and Blood Run wire divers. Lots of bait all along the shoreline from 15-30 fow but the best action has been near the harbor mouth.

Captain Josh

Fish Are Biting!

The fish are biting out of Racine right now. Limits of cohos with some kings mixed in as well. The hardest part is getting on the water. Looks like we are finally going to get a break from mother nature this weekend. Book your charter now, dates are filling up fast, especially weekends!

Captain Josh

Is The Wisconsin Department of Resources in the Wrong Hands?

Great commentary from Paul Smith of the Journal Sentinal from Milwaukee.

State's wildlife and natural resources in wrong hands

Beyond state borders, Wisconsin is well-known for its pro football franchise, cheese and motorcycles.

For most of the 20th century, it also had a reputation as a national leader in conservation.

"When you considered resource management among the 50 states, you had to name Wisconsin on the short list, definitely among the very best," said Jim Martin, chairman of the Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and former Oregon fisheries director, speaking last March at the 75th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference in Milwaukee.

Martin, now retired, was speaking in the past tense..........

Captain Josh

First In T-Shirts

We have Proposition Sport Fishing Aboard the First In t-shirts! Long sleeve and short sleeve in just about any size available. Call or e-mail for details.

Captain Josh

Fishing 5-2-11

Great shake down cruise but fishing was a little tough. Found some fish outside of the reef in 45-60 fow but they were very scattered. Decided to try in by the harbor mouth then down by the Racine water treatment plant. Neither of these spots proved very successful. Traveled back out to where we started and found some more scattered fish again.

Ended the day with 6 cohos and missed a couple more fish. If we worked the area outside the reef pretty hard, we probably could have had  our limit. Dreamweaver Coho Killer Spin Doctor with a green/pearl fly on a Blood Run wire diver 25 feet out was the hot ticket for the day. Alderton Action Flasher with a blue/chartruse fly on a ski board was a close second. If we ever have some stable weather, the fishing should get hot.

Captain Josh

All Ready For 2011!

The First In has finally been splashed! We are in the water and all ready to take you fishing. If the weather cooperates, fishing should be excellent. Lots of coho around Racine with some kings and browns mixed in too.

Captain Josh

Milwaukee Sports Show

We will be at the Milwaukee Sports Show in the Fishing Charters of Racine booth from 5pm until close tonight. Stop by and say Hi!

Captain Josh

2011 Dreamweaver Products

Check out some of the new Dreamweaver products for 2011. It just keeps getting more dangerous for the fish out there!

Captain Josh

Spring is Almost Here!

Spring is almost here and work is continuing on the First In. She is almost ready for a barrier coat and some VC-17 paint. Excited to see how she is going to perform with a fresh bottom job. Its been a long time coming but the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible!

Captain Josh

Blood Run Discount

We are now offering a discount code for Blood Run Tackle products purchased through the Tackle Store link at the top of the page. Just enter "PROPOSITION" in the promo code box on the lower left hand corner on the shopping cart page. The discount will automatically be applied to your order.

Captain Josh

Blood Run Tackle

Blood Run Tackle is here! Last year we switched to Blood Run Tackle for our stainless wire and fluorocarbon line and could not have been happier. This stuff is by far the best we have ever used. For 2011 we are adding Blood Run copper in 32# and 45# as well. Copper is nothing new to the First In but adding Blood Run copper is going to make fishing copper much more pleasant. At the top of this page is a link to purchase Blood Run Tackle directly, you will not be disappointed!

Captain Josh

Spring is Right Around the Corner

Spring is right around the corner and fishing will be here before we know it! Took some time today to finally start going through my rods and reels and getting a few reels some much needed help. Thanks to the wonderful people at Okuma, we will be upgrading some of our reels for 2011. The customer service there is top notch.  they have always done everything possible to make sure we have been completely satisfied since joining their team a few years back. Another batch of reels are on their way to Tuna's Reel Troubles in Lundington, Michigan. These reels should come back to better than new including upgraded tournament drags! Really starting to get the itch!

Captain Josh

New Tackle Store Tab

New for 2011 we are going to provide fishing reports on our website. We will be trying to update this as frequently as possible, hopefully daily. Along with providing fishing reports we are also adding a Tackle Store tab at the top of this page. The idea behind this is to have the hottest baits and tackle available to you as soon as you read the about them in a fishing report. No more driving around town fantically or searching the web trying to find a particular bait!

Captain Josh